Independent Labels Grew Global Market Share to 39.9% in 2017

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The global independent label trade body WIN has just published the third edition of the Worldwide Independent Market report. You can download the entire report for free here. As regular readers will know, MIDiA Research has conducted this study on behalf of WIN for each of the three editions, collecting an unparalleled volume of data from many hundreds of independent record labels right across the globe. This highly detailed, company-level data is provided to us on a strictly confidential basis and enables us to create a precise and authoritative view of the global independent sector. Think of it as the IFPI Recorded Industry in Numbers for the independent sector, but with the additional benefit of greater detail on how the labels operate. This year MusicAlly wrote the text of the report.

‘Why is this report necessary?’ you may ask, ‘surely you can just deduct the major record labels’ revenue from…

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A Vision of expression.
What started as a quest for understanding, clarity, and fulfillment turned into a journey of acceptance, expression,and acknowledgement.
Evolution and declaration being submerged then re- emerging entwined as one entity ready to face the world and manifest a universe.
He laughs saying, “it’s simpler than that, I just wanted to help my Mom.” Deajene Jones executive producer as well as writer at FATCATOGC,
LLC states that on the road to attempting to stand things weren’t always roses.
But a Casio and karaoke system would spark a journey of self-discovery, enlightenment, and investment would end the dream and start a life.
“I was born in a small hole in the ground called Poplar Bluff, Missouri.”
Like most families back then he was raised in the church and he believed that is where his love for music was spawned.
Years later he would find myself living in…

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HCM Interviews Rapper Kilo M.O.E

Kilo M.O.E Interview

HCM. How did you come by your stage name?
Kilo M.O.E. When I was a teenage I was living in a Small place but infamous for its high crime and drug activity known as Topeka, KS.

During the 90’s they had a very well known crime wave in which I was unfortunately a part of in hindsight. I wore a big heavy gold chain with medallion that said “KILO” in Diamonds. At the time that was big deal. Everybody didn’t have access to jewels like that back then. I had it custom made. I was a crack dealer. Known for moving heavy weight . So from there I became “Kilo M.O.E”…. the acronym M.O.E came about little after 1996. I was always MOE…. All the way back as far as 5th grade when tagging graffiti and burners was a thing I was known as the

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